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Monogram a name on a burp cloth, bib or outfit to make a special gift even more personal. Choose between the four font styles: Kids, Block, Script, Craft or Love*. Be sure to be very careful with the spelling of the name to be monogrammed. Once your order is sent to us, you only have 24 hours to make spelling changes, as we process your order as quickly as possible. We will pick the thread color for the monogram that will best complement the appliqué. The size of the stitching will vary depending upon the length of the name. Specify the monogramming details on the order page when you check out.

*Love font style looks best with shorter names.

First names only, please.

Monogramming Cost: included with item.

Block, Kids, Script, Craft Styles


If you have any questions about this site or need help with ordering, you can call us at 972-359-2896 or e-mail us.

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